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The Best and Worst Packing Materials

Moving is a stressful process, and it can be made even more stressful once you arrive at your destination and find that your favorite dishes are broken! Choosing the right packing materials makes all the difference when trying to keep your items safe during transit. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, here [...]

The Best and Worst Packing Materials2019-08-20T13:48:30-04:00

The Best Way to Deal with Decluttered Items

How did your spring cleaning sessions go? If you’re like many people, you are now staring at a mountain of stuff that needs to go out of your house. But where should it all end up? When you declutter, you don’t need to dump everything in the trashcan. Instead, you can responsibly divide up the [...]

The Best Way to Deal with Decluttered Items2020-03-27T17:33:17-04:00

How to Create a Moving Timeline

You’ve decided when and where you’re moving, but now you need to sketch out all of the steps between today and your move-in date. Where should you start? Creating a moving timeline is the perfect way to keep yourself on track and ensure that you are ready to make the journey to your new home [...]

How to Create a Moving Timeline2019-06-17T13:27:52-04:00

The 5 Most Forgotten Moving-Related Tasks

Are you preparing for a move? Congratulations! Whether you’re headed across town or to another state entirely, there are many moving-related tasks that are easy to forget. At Perry Moving & Storage, we work hard to make sure that our customers never forget any of the most essential moving-related tasks, but it’s always a good [...]

The 5 Most Forgotten Moving-Related Tasks2020-03-27T17:33:17-04:00

The Best Ways to Prepare for a Long Distance Move

Moving can be a stressful process, whether you’re moving around the block or across the country. The most important thing when it comes to planning your long distance move is starting early and working with a professional moving company to guide you through the process. Start with the Basics Before you can flesh out a [...]

The Best Ways to Prepare for a Long Distance Move2020-03-27T17:33:17-04:00

Listing Your Home This Spring? All About Our Home Staging Helper Service

Home staging can mean the difference between multiple offers and no interest. Over 80% of home buyers say that home staging makes it easier to visualize a property as their future home. A survey of real estate agents found that professionally staged homes spend half the time of the market compared to non-staged homes. Perry [...]

Listing Your Home This Spring? All About Our Home Staging Helper Service2019-03-15T10:37:57-04:00

Tips for Decluttering Your Child’s Bedroom

February is the perfect time to start decluttering your home before a move or to get a head start on spring cleaning. While tackling the living room and dining room might be easy, a child’s bedroom can feel like a chore. Many parents spend hundreds on storage bins and solutions designed to fit more into [...]

Tips for Decluttering Your Child’s Bedroom2020-03-27T17:33:18-04:00

How to Move During the Winter

While winter might seem like one of the hardest times of year to complete a residential move, it’s easy when you plan ahead. You will never be able to control the forecast or snow falling from the skies, but you can set yourself up for moving day success. Prepare Your New Home Before moving day [...]

How to Move During the Winter2019-01-22T12:30:56-05:00

A Simple Residential Moving Checklist

Creating a residential moving checklist is essential to a smooth and seamless moving process. While Perry Moving & Storage works hard behind the scenes to get your items from place to place, there are many ways that you can prepare to make moving day even easier. 6-8 Weeks in Advance Contact Perry Moving & Storage [...]

A Simple Residential Moving Checklist2020-03-27T17:33:18-04:00

How to Store Summer Clothes in Winter

The colder months are here, which means that it’s time to pack up your tank tops and shorts and unpack your flannels, scarves and winter coats. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t have space to space for storing summer clothes, so proper storage techniques are essential. Before You Start Storing You should start by taking out all [...]

How to Store Summer Clothes in Winter2018-11-27T17:44:43-05:00