The colder months are here, which means that it’s time to pack up your tank tops and shorts and unpack your flannels, scarves and winter coats. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t have space to space for storing summer clothes, so proper storage techniques are essential.

Before You Start Storing

You should start by taking out all of the summer clothes from your closet and dresser and putting them in a central location. Once you have everything in one spot, you will have a better sense of how much you need to store and what your best storage solution is. Next, you should sort clothes into categories like dresses, shorts, skirts and pants. This is also the perfect time to donate and discard any clothes that you didn’t wear over the summer. By tackling this now instead of when you unpack, you will have less to store over the winter.

After you take care of sorting out clothes that should be donated or discarded, you should inspect all of your summer clothes to make sure that they are clean and free from stains. Anything that you store should be washed or dry cleaned before storing, as stains and odors on clothes that are placed into storage for the months ahead will worsen over time.

Gather Your Supplies

If you are hanging clothes for storage in another closet or a closet box, you should choose sturdy hangers that won’t rust or discolor fabric. Stay away from thin and cheap wire hangers. Any jackets or tailored items should be placed on shaped hangers to ensure that they keep their shape. If you are using clothing storage bags, you should opt for fabric bags over plastic to allow for some air circulation. If opting for storage boxes, you should fold most clothing instead of hanging it to avoid sagging or stretching. Cardboard boxes should be acid-free to prevent yellowing.

Summer Clothes Storage Tips

  • It is better to roll clothing instead of folding it to avoid creases.
  • Label every box with what is inside so that you grab the right container if you decide to take a tropical vacation in the middle of the winter.
  • Consider using luggage for summer clothes storage, particularly if you have hard suitcases that would sit empty otherwise.

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