Are you preparing for a move? Congratulations! Whether you’re headed across town or to another state entirely, there are many moving-related tasks that are easy to forget. At Perry Moving & Storage, we work hard to make sure that our customers never forget any of the most essential moving-related tasks, but it’s always a good idea to refresh your memory!

Buried Items

Did you put a time capsule in the ground when you moved in? What about the shoe box of mementos you stashed under a board in the attic? Make sure you are leaving with everything that you own on your property, and don’t leave anything valuable behind!

Personal Records

Especially if you are moving out of state, get copies of all of your personal records. Dental records, immunization records and veterinary records should all be taken with you to your new home. If your child will be changing schools, obtain a copy of their academic records to help with the registration process at their new school.

Garage Openers & Spare Keys

The two most forgotten moving-related tasks are forgetting to pass the garage door opener and key code to new homeowners. Make sure that you gather all of your garage door openers to pass on to the new residents! You should also gather up spare keys that you gave to friends, neighbors and other family members. While the new residents will probably have the home rekeyed immediately, it’s best to pass on all of the keys that you have.

Financial Accounts

Do you have an account with a local credit union or regional bank? It might be a good idea to transfer everything to a new one in your new area before you move. Close out any small accounts, like your child’s savings account, before you move as well.

Cancel Recurring Charges

Do you have a gym membership or subscription service that you won’t be taking along with you when you move? Now is the time to cancel it. Recurring charges will continue to happen after moving day, and it’s important to start early and avoid paying extra due to missing a deadline. Many gyms require 30-day notice before a cancellation.

Perry Moving & Storage Is Here to Help with Your Moving-Related Tasks

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