February is the perfect time to start decluttering your home before a move or to get a head start on spring cleaning. While tackling the living room and dining room might be easy, a child’s bedroom can feel like a chore. Many parents spend hundreds on storage bins and solutions designed to fit more into less space, but decluttering a child’s bedroom shouldn’t just be moving things from one place to another. Instead, it should give your child a space that they love and are proud to maintain.

Get Your Kids Involved from the Start

For the sake of time, it’s tempting to work around your children and not with them. In reality, your kids want to be involved! Let them help choose which items to keep and the best way to store their favorite toys. If you keep your kids engaged, they will also feel more ownership over the decluttering project and want to keep things tidier as a result.

Focus on Giving Things a Home

Children are naturally inclined to personify things and give them human emotions and characteristics. As a result, it’s easier to find places to store things when you speak in terms of finding them a home. A simple tweak in your language can shift things from a chore to something more playful. The same thing is true when it comes to getting rid of items that they no longer want or play with. Tell your child that their stuffed animal or toy will be going to a new home where it will meet new friends, not the trash can or thrift store.

Utilize Cubbies

The most common storage method in classrooms is cubbies, so why not borrow that organization method? Create dedicated cubbies for different items, like their school supplies, favorite books, bathtub toys and more. Your child is already familiar with the routine of placing things in a cubby, so use that background knowledge to your advantage.

Lead By Example

Finally, you should always lead by example. Your children will naturally mirror what you do, so if they see you putting away your belongings or decluttering another part of the home, they will be more likely to mimic that behavior independently. Even taking off your shoes in the proper area or putting your keys on the right hook when you come home can set a positive example.

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