How to Create a Moving Timeline

You’ve decided when and where you’re moving, but now you need to sketch out all of the steps between today and your move-in date. Where should you start? Creating a moving timeline is the perfect way to keep yourself on track and ensure that you are ready to make the journey to your new home [...]

How to Create a Moving Timeline2019-06-17T13:27:52-04:00

The 5 Most Forgotten Moving-Related Tasks

Are you preparing for a move? Congratulations! Whether you’re headed across town or to another state entirely, there are many moving-related tasks that are easy to forget. At Perry Moving & Storage, we work hard to make sure that our customers never forget any of the most essential moving-related tasks, but it’s always a good [...]

The 5 Most Forgotten Moving-Related Tasks2020-03-27T17:33:17-04:00

How to Store Summer Clothes in Winter

The colder months are here, which means that it’s time to pack up your tank tops and shorts and unpack your flannels, scarves and winter coats. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t have space to space for storing summer clothes, so proper storage techniques are essential. Before You Start Storing You should start by taking out all [...]

How to Store Summer Clothes in Winter2018-11-27T17:44:43-05:00

How to Properly Pack a Box for Moving

One of the parts that homeowners struggle with the most in the moving process is figuring out how to properly pack a box. Just like you wouldn’t stack 5 lbs. of potatoes on top of a loaf of bread at the supermarket, there are many small mistakes people make when getting their items ready to [...]

How to Properly Pack a Box for Moving2018-11-20T15:01:14-05:00