Moving can be a stressful process, whether you’re moving around the block or across the country. The most important thing when it comes to planning your long distance move is starting early and working with a professional moving company to guide you through the process.

Start with the Basics

Before you can flesh out a timeline for your long distance move, you should confirm your destination and find your new home. Choose your new apartment or house and choose a moving date. Make sure that the space you’re moving into will be available on your planned date and coordinate getting the keys. Now that you’ve established your moving date and time frame, you can contact Perry Moving & Storage to determine what moving services you need.


Going through your home and getting rid of things that you don’t want to keep doesn’t just make the packing and moving process simpler; it also lowers the cost of your move! Spring is the perfect time to have a garage sale or donate items that you don’t want to take with you. Once you declutter everything and start the packing process, keep a detailed inventory of what you’re packing and what box each item is in. This helps you to know exactly what you own and where it is when you’re searching for specific items and haven’t totally unpacked yet.

Make a Plan for Updating Your Information

A long distance move is stressful, so make a timeline for updating all of your information (address, license, registration, etc.) once you arrive in your new home. Research ahead of time and create a timeline or plan for completing required changes before your move so that you’re ready to hit the ground running once you arrive.

Create an “Open First” Box

When you’re completing a long distance move, your belongings won’t necessarily arrive the second that you do. You should pack a couple of boxes you can keep in your vehicle as you drive and unload first. Put anything important in these boxes including a few outfits, prescription medications, bedding, towels and cleaning supplies to get you through the first few days.

Perry Moving & Storage Is Here to Help with Your Long Distance Move

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