Creating a residential moving checklist is essential to a smooth and seamless moving process. While Perry Moving & Storage works hard behind the scenes to get your items from place to place, there are many ways that you can prepare to make moving day even easier.

6-8 Weeks in Advance

  • Contact Perry Moving & Storage to coordinate an appointment to have your home surveyed and an estimate calculated.
  • Decide if you would like to pack up your belongings, and how you would like to sort all of your items. In general, it’s best to box things up by room.
  • If your employer is paying for your residential move, examine the moving policy to ensure that you know what is covered.
  • Once you receive your estimate from Perry Moving & Storage, sign the estimate and confirm your moving plan. Always keep the contact information of your moving coordinator handy for quick reference.
  • Through the USPS website or at your local post office, complete a Change of Address form to notify the government of your move.
  • Contact all of your banks, insurance companies, credit cards and subscriptions to update your address. You should also update contact information with any doctors, lawyers, accountants or dentists.

3-5 Weeks in Advance

  • Walk through your home to decide what you will be donating, disposing and bringing with you. Schedule a garage sale now if you want to sell anything before your move.
  • Donate any unwanted household goods, clothing and furniture to local charities and keep the receipt for tax time
  • If you have any changes to what you will be moving, contact Perry Moving & Storage now. Now is also the time to confirm any stops along the way, or if things will need to be picked up from more than one location.
  • Throw a going away party to entertain your neighbors and local friends one last time.
  • If you are driving to your new home, have your car serviced. If you are flying, ensure that everything is properly booked.
  • Start packing! Get a head start as early as possible so that you don’t forget anything.

1-2 Weeks in Advance

  • If you are traveling with pets for your residential move, make sure that they are included in your travel plans! Now is also the time to update vaccinations and procure any necessary health certificates.
  • Return anything you borrowed from neighbors and clean out anything you have stored at local storage facilities or your gym locker.
  • Confirm all details with your moving coordinator and review your packing plan for anything that hasn’t been packed up yet.

A Smooth Residential Move with Perry Moving & Storage

Planning in advance with the help of Perry Moving & Storage will make your moving process simple. Perry Moving & Storage is the preferred moving and storage company of Baltimore and Washington businesses and homeowners. To learn more about our short-term and long-term storage options and get a quote, call us today at (410) 799-0022.