How did your spring cleaning sessions go? If you’re like many people, you are now staring at a mountain of stuff that needs to go out of your house. But where should it all end up? When you declutter, you don’t need to dump everything in the trashcan. Instead, you can responsibly divide up the things you’re disposing of and find them eco-friendly new homes.

What Can You Do With Decluttered Items?

  1. Donate! Instead of trying to find one home for each item you are trying to get rid of, you should focus on organizations that can take almost everything off of your hands at once. Search online to find good organizations in your local community that can come to your home and remove your furniture, books and more. The added benefit of donating is receiving a receipt for a tax write-off when you give to a non-profit like Goodwill.
  2. Give items away to your friends and family members, especially if you know anyone who is headed to college or moving out for the first time. If you want to offer up items to many people as quickly as possible, draft an email with photographs of everything you want to rehome and send it out. You might be surprised how easy it is to find new homes for some of your items.
  3. Freecycle is a unique, community-based platform for giving and receiving items from people in your local community. You will make a post with what you are giving away and coordinate pick-up with the person you decide to give it away to. In many cases, you can just leave the items on your porch and your neighbor can come by and get it at their leisure.
  4. Have a yard sale! If you want to make a little cash for the things that you don’t want anymore, having a yard sale or participating in a community yard sale are both great ways to clean out your house and boost your savings account.

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