Zippy Shell – Mobile Storage

Need To De-Clutter? If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed at your home and need to store some important essentials away for a short period of time, Zippy Shell is the perfect answer for you. If you’ve used your basement or spare room as storage for some antiques or older memorabilia and want to clear it out, Zippy Shell has a great solution to your problem. Being a branch of Perry Moving Services, we provide excellent service in the packing, loading and unloading department. Our professional packers are ready to help you on a seconds notice. Our goal is to make your job, our job!

Staging Your Home To Sell? Our Zippy Shell custom-designed crates can help you organize your home for staging purposes so that potential buyers can experience more of your actual home and less of the contents in it. Staging your home can be a superior factor in selling your home quickly or keeping it on the market for longer than you would like. Zippy Shell is a quick and efficient solution to help present your home in the best light possible, while also limiting the stress on you. We will take care of everything!

Remodeling Your Home? Whether you’re embarking on a large home renovation project, small remodeling operation or just trying to finish your basement, Zippy Shell has the perfect solution for you. We provide custom-designed crates to organize all of your essentials while you finish the home improvement project you’re working on. By offering multiple storage options, we cater to your every need. Our first option would be keeping your personal Zippy Shell crate at your home for easy access and convenience, allowing you to operate at your own pace. Another storage option would involve us transporting your filled crate to our 40,000 square foot, secure, climate controlled storage facility that has 24 hour video surveillance and holding it there for however long you would like. Both options are available and up to the customer.

Mobile Express Storage 4-Step Process

1. We deliver a Zippy Shell custom-designed crate to the location of your choice.

2. You load your personal crate(s) at your own pace and convenience with the essentials you desire. We offer a professional packing and moving service as well.

3. Keep your Zippy Shell crate at your home or on-site at a designated location, or we can store it in our secure, climate controlled storage facility that is under 24 hour video surveillance.

4. When you’ve finished loading the crate, we will pick it up and transport it to your new destination. If you decided to use our storage facility, a crew member will drive your personal crate to the location of your choice.